East Coast Management officers a large variety of services to meet the needs of your
Property Owners or Home Owners Association.
  • All Inclusive - Combine both financial and administrative services for complete peace of mind.
  • Customized - Contact our office to discuss a customized plan for your association today.
Accounts Payable
• Prompt payment of all associated invoices.

• Create and maintain timely payment schedule, utilizing all available vendor discounts.

• Establish and control cash flow regarding reserve funds.

• Use general ledger accounts for proper budget control and auditing.

• Create and provide detailed records, including filing of paid invoices for proof of expenditure.
Service & Communication
• Assist Board of Directors in community administration.

• Prompt response to all telephone calls, emails and correspondence from board members and management company..

• Act as a liaison between the Architectural Review Committee (A.R.C.) and homeowners..

• Filed correspondence on business related issues..

• Maintain master mailing list and homeowner roster..

• Community mailings, notices and newsletters.
Accounts Receivable
• Facilitation of HOA dues and assessment billing.

• Availability of multiple payment options for homeowners including check or automatic draft.

• Prompt deposit payments to appropriate Association.

• Maintain each homeowner's payment records.

• Assist Board of Directors with annual budget.

• Provide financial statements monthly or as requested by Board of Directors.

• Implement late charges as a percentage or fixed amount.

• Administer and prepare payment plans.

• Assist in the preparation and filing of all tax returns.

• Payment coupons upon request.
• Make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the form or forms of insurance needed to protect the "HOA."

• Ensure proper insurance coverage as established in the Association's governing documents.

• Annual insurance review of coverage and premium rate.

• Attendance at Annual Meeting and any Board of Directors meetings requested.

• Preparation for the Annual Meeting; Including but not limited to, the informal notices, nomination applications, formal notices, proxy forms, and agendas.

• Recording and publishing of the minutes of each Annual Meeting.

• Maintaining of the governing documents for the Association.

• Coordination of any maintenance requests between the Association and vendors.

• Vendor management - A minimum of 3 estimates obtained for any maintenance repairs or requests.

• Monthly inspections conducted and reported to the board upon completion.
Projects Completed
Years of experience


1 The one-year management agreement is signed and filed.
2. The management company will request documents and information needed for your transition.
3. The management company will set up a homeowner roster, budget, and financial reports.
4. A billing timeline is confirmed, and payment coupons (if required) are prepared.
5. Accounts that have previous payment plans or collections issues are noted, and outstanding balances are transferred to East Coast HOA Management.
6. Previous financial records are reviewed for possible audit needs.
7. Welcome letter emailed and mailed to all homeowners.


Henry Tawil
Reema Boeder
Vice President
Niekolass Spencer
Accounting Manager


“We recommend East Coast HOA Management group 100% to anyone looking for a rental. We have worked with them for quite a while now and seeing the way they do business and treat people really is a breath of fresh air to know there are still good property managers out there!! Thank you!! Y'all are awesome and we look forward to continuing working with you!!”
Kyle Nicholson
“Great people!! Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!”
Debra Maymon